Tap into the expertise of an agile, innovative team of professionals.

Rob Hilton

Rob Hilton Non Executive Director / TPF Group

An innovative, classic entrepreneur, ideas man and a passionate creative force. Since starting The Promotions Factory in 1988, Rob has always focused on building and maintaining strong client relationships.

Simon Strapp CEO International / TPF Group

Simon is the master behind the scenes. Director and Chartered accountant with 25 years of helping TPF Group grow. Simon has been based in Hong Kong for the past 9 years but is a frequent traveller.

Marietjie Muijs

Marietjie Muijs Managing Director / TPF Think

Marietjie is a deep thinker and believer in being authentic. Not just as a person, but in the creation of brand strategy and creative. Everything she does is about owning hearts over minds. Her leadership and strategic capabilities is the fuel to the brands that she works on as well as those around her.

Scott Feigan Client Services Director / TPF Think

Scott started with us 13 years ago and from day one he has been an incredible source of energy for our sales teams. Scott’s industry experience, leadership and management skills make him a valuable asset.

Craig Dyer

Craig Dyer Managing Director / TPF Sports

With 19 years experience at TPF Group, Craig is a seasoned sports marketer with a deep understanding on how brands connect with members and fans.

Lincoln Harbottle (M.B.A.)
Chief Operations Officer

A leader in company operations and strategy. Based in Hong Kong, Lincoln manages the entire TPF Group's operations from product development through to manufacturing and distribution. With a collaborative leadership style and focus on innovation, Lincoln has built a strong platform for the Group’s competitiveness and rapid growth. Fostering a positive culture, his team is solution based and customer focused.

Sean Pham

Sean Pham CFO & General Manager / Vietnam

Sean has been running the Finance and IT side of the business for 23 years. His background and fluency in Vietnamese made Sean the obvious choice to oversee the transfer of our entire back office to Ho Chi Minh City since 2012.

Craig Fuller Global Support Manager

Craig oversees our support division which includes Customer Support, Sales Support, Online Store Operations and Procurement. With 12 years at TPF Group, Craig’s wealth of experience, client relationship management and comprehensive approach strives to deliver the highest level of service.